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Product Design and Model Making
A right design is the first step into the market. We realize customer’s product concept into fully functional and manufacturable design by CAD, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping technology. CAD technology also enables us to evaluate and communicate the design with our customers. Marketing presentation can also be generated for early market testing.

We design Prototype models for you so that you can see it, feel it, play it and market it, It is a real thing.

By utilizing computer technology, highly skilled engineers and moldmakers and high performance machining equipment, a sample of the part can be made. This allows testing of the physical part to see if it meets the customer's requirements before the mold is built.

A complete 3D computer drawing can be turned into a test part by using rapid prototyping techniques. A 3D part file is sent, in security, to an outside rapid prototyping facility and a solid part is returned which can then be used to verify general shape and aesthetic qualities including paint and texture.

Working Process

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